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2nd Battalion 1st Infantry 196th Light Infantry Brigade 


2018 Americal Reunion

The 2018 ADVA National Reunion will be held September 27-30 at Oklahoma City, OK The Reunion headquarters will be at the Windham Garden Inn Airport near Will Rogers International Airport located at 2101 S. Meridian Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73108. Hotel reservations can be made by calling 405-685-4000 and asking for the special reunion rate of $79 plus tax per night and using the code words "Americal Division". The rate includes free breakfast for two each day for guests who pay registration fees for the reunion. The hotel has free airport shuttle from Will Rogers International Airport. Make reservations early as, with OKC being centrally located, a large attendance is expected. Reunion information is available on the ADVA web site by clicking Here. Information will also be in the next issue of the Americal Journal. Questions may be directed to the reunion chairman, Ron Ellis at re196thlib@aol.com.

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